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10 ways to get fluffy hair - Hairstyles mag

10 ways to get fluffy hair

July 27,
fluffy blond hairstyle

These proven hairdresser’s tricks will make hair, even thin, delicate, short or long, change into a really rich coiffure.
Incline your head while drying – this is a good and proven way recommended by many hairdressers. It works best with half long and long hair. You must be careful with this method if your hair is very short – drying it this way you will get a crew cut. Just after washing apply foam or some other styling agent at the hair base, lower your head and dry with strong stream of air, directing it against the hair.
Choose shampoos, conditioners and thickening balsams – to make your hair fluffy, start already with proper washing it.  Choose shampoos that add volume to a hairdo. During washing ingredients contained in such shampoos „find” weak spots in a hair’s structure and regenerate them. And ceramides thicken the hair’s fabric. Choose a volume increasing conditioner with the rinsing option. Others settle on hair and make strands stick to your head.

Use a diffuser – a diffuser while drying will improve the twist of naturally curly hair and makes hair fluffy. Some hair-driers are supplied with a special type of diffuser i.e. an attachment with thinner and longer plastic spikes, which lifts hair at the base even stronger. Use the diffuser on slightly wet hair after applying a kind of foam that facilitates twisting or makes hair fluffy.
Curling hair with rollers – In order to have curly and fluffy hair, use thin rollers. Minimum two layers should be wound up. When you wish just to bounce hair off your head, use thick rollers. Roll one and a half turn maximum. The fastest way to get rich curls is to splash dry hair with a light hair spray and wind them up on heated hot rollers. Then cool down with cool air blow of the hair-drier, to set the twist. You can get a permanent result if you wind wet strands up, with foam applied, on regular rollers. Dry the strands with a hair dryer or wait until they dry on their own.

Layering and hair thinning – proper hair-cutting is fundamental. Properly layered hair will always arrange ideally making a fluffy hairdo.  There are several methods of layering. Thinning consists in trimming hair layers one after another at a proper angle. Special barbed scissors are used for that. Layering with a razor blade or a so-called feather razor makes your hairdo look even more jagged and fluffy. There is also a method called windowing. It consists in cutting thin strands of different lengths, thanks to which shorter strands lift the longer ones that fall onto them.
Fun with colors – strands of hair in different colors make the hairdo’s volume optically look greater. A hair becomes thicker also thanks to dyeing, because during colorization hair shells open up. The dye penetrates the free space and prevents shells from full closure. This way hair gets more filled.
Curler and hair iron – a hair iron curls and waves hair. Thanks to this hair looks fluffier. A twist done with a hair curler will make hair seem there is more of it. Just remember about protective cosmetics while using a curler and a hair iron. As for an airstyler will let you create various curls and waves, depending on the attachment’s size. It can be used on wet or dry hair.
Permanent wave – this is sometimes the only salvage for dry hair. You can choose either a hair twisting perm or a so-called headline, which doesn’t twist but bounces hair off the base, lifting it up. We do perm at the hairdresser’s only. A professional will match an agent adequate for our hair’s condition. You can then be sure that nothing bad will happen to your hair.
Styling cosmetics – they are an invaluable help in fighting for the lion’s mane. The choice is wide. Foams are fundamental – they are to be applied onto slightly wet hair. There are also foams applied only at the hair’s base. Thanks to this hair is strongly lifted off the skin of the head. There are also sprays that activate while drying hair. Hair stiffened this way easily succumbs to modeling which increases its visible volume.

Gels and wax of minimal quantities – as they may weigh down hair. Pastes and rubbers for short hair will be fine, too. Powders increasing volume are something new. They work well, but you must learn how to apply them not to exaggerate.
Back-combing wisely – back-comb single strands where we want them to rise. Do it with a special comb that has dense teeth. At the end of back-combing gently comb out the surface. Too frequent back-combing damages hair. So you must be careful with this trick.

This article was written thanks to the collaboration of Vera Pelle. Manufacturer fancy goods made of natural leather

Fluffy hair

Fluffy hair , blond short

Fluffy hair, blond medium

Fluffy hair, blond medium

Fluffy hair, brown medium

Fluffy hair, brown medium


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