• grey-hair-4
    Gray hair

    Often „gray” is associated with „old”. But this doesn’t have to be so when...

  • silver
    Artego Color Gel, silver

    My Color Reflex by the Italian company Artego is a gel sustaining color of...

  • Scandinavian-blond-6
    Scandinavian blond

    Scandinavian blond – white hair. This shade is cold blond, its brightest tone verging...

  • hairstyle
    Dyeing – live colorfully

    Sunny blonde, fiery redhead, mysterious brown-haired or maybe passionate brunette?  Let your imagination run...

  • Red hair dyeing
    Red hair

    According to latest statistical research conducted by various hairdresser associations,  women most often dye...

  • colorizacion
    Colorization – three degrees of permanence

    The offer of the hair coloring agents available at drugstores is beyond grasp. On...

  • Dyeing hair
    14 facts about hair dyeing

    75% of women constantly change their hair color. They do it on their own...

  • Red henna hair
    Colors of nature

    You don’t have to use any chemical agents to make our hair shine and...

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