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Dyeing – live colorfully - Hairstyles mag

Dyeing – live colorfully

April 16,

Sunny blonde, fiery redhead, mysterious brown-haired or maybe passionate brunette?  Let your imagination run wild and dye your hair!

Stylists think that the color of a woman’s hair should bring to light individual beauty and that it should harmonize with her character. So you can dye your hair on your own at home or you can use professional advice from a hairdresser.

At home – when we wish to change color only for a party, one time, let’s use color foam. This way you can also check whether a different color suits you. A shade given by a color shampoo will persist for a few weeks, while a dye will last for a couple of months. There are also so called toners that strengthen your own natural hair color. You must remember that with long hair you need two boxes of the cosmetic.

Before buying a dye let’s check if it’s not overdue. Prior to coloring read carefully the manufacturer’s information leaflet. It is important as we should know if a particular dye is applied to dry or to slightly wet hair.

If we are susceptible to allergies – let’s perform an allergy test: put a little bit of the emulsion on your skin behind your ear or on your elbow crook. If, after 15 minutes, there is no rush or redness, you can start coloring.

When the shade is intensive, for instance red or black, it is a good idea to grease your skin on the hair line, on your forehead and nape of the neck and your ears with fat cream in order to prevent coloring. There is nothing that can spoil the image more than just dyed hair beautifully styled plus colored ears and neck.

At the hairdresser’s – if you don’t know what color to choose, which one suits you best, give yourself over to a professional. A hairdresser will match the shade with your hair type and complexion or maybe they will just offer you highlights or fancy reflexes.

Care afterwards – in order that the new shade of hair color could be preserved as long as possible and keep its beautiful glare, proper care is necessary. Shampoos, conditioners and masks intended for your new color must be used. There should be no problem with finding the products – shelves in stores are groaning under the variety of hair cosmetics.  With the use of matched cosmetics you will gain a beautiful color that persists on your hair for longer. There are hair-driers, straighteners and curlers on the market which are equipped with a dyed hair protection system.

hairstyle blondBLONDES – nothing catches men’s eyes more than strands painted with gold or platinumhairstyle (1)

BROWN-HAIRED – hairdo in noble colors of earth and chocolate adds style and looks natural.



hairstyle (4)GINGER AND RED – the color of fire is for women of character.hairstyle (3)

BRUNETTES – nostalgic femme fatale, raven black will add magic while coffee shade will add elegance.





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