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July 27,

60s supermodel Twiggy shocked the world with her super skinny frame, Bambi eyes and gamine style, but it was her tomboy crop that really revolutionised the way supermodels looked. Before Twiggy, models tended to be rich, bouffanted society girls who were friends with the designers, but she shook things up and made it possible for even the gangliest teenager to see themselves as model material!


nawTwiggy was the ultimate 60’s fashion icon and this look is very sy mbolic of that era. The simplicity of the hair, combined with the definition of her trademark eyelashes and slick style gives a very fresh faced feel which allowed this to stand out from the crowd and is still seen as a statement look today. One of the first models to sport short hair and an androgy nous cut. Twiggy revolutionised the way people wore their hair and transformed the ‘shampoo and set brigade’, making a lasting fashion imprint on the generations that lolkmed.

Today elements of this cut can still be seen, with polished styles still worn and side partings a continued trend. Inspirational to many fashion followers, Twiggy’s style has continued to reign as one of the greatest iconic images, and has returned to fashion time and time again through its balance of simplicity and strength.”

Agnes Marczak | editor |


Twiggy icon model

Twiggy icon model


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