Hair in the rain

July 27,

Protect your hair when it rains and your hairdo will look good.
Covering hair – avoid wetting your hair. An umbrella and a hood are basics. Even if you have a short distance to cover (like from your car to your work’s doorstep), always cover your hair – this moment is enough for your hairdo to get wet and lose its shape.
Modeling – hair on wet days absorbs humidity and becomes unmanageable. To prevent that, moisturize your hair properly and use a serum.
Hair dryer – you can take a small portable hair dryer and a brush or an airstyler. It will take 3 minutes in the toilet to improve unruly hair ends.
Nourishing – the less open shells, the less moisture is absorbed by hair. So nourish your hair to close the hair shells. Moisture by applying masks and conditioners.


Author Joanna

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