Hair in the Sun

December 29,
Hair sun summer

Summer with its burning sun is the time when you have to take more care of your hair. Then it will be shinier and healthier.

  • Proper cosmetics – in the summertime use styling cosmetics that protect against UV radiation, chlorine and seawater. This way you will avoid hair’s getting downy and rough.
  • To prevent color from fading – protect dyed hair against fading by wearing a kerchief or a hat. Especially when you are on the beach.
  • Nourishment – in summer moisture your hair strongly: shampoos, conditioners and masks. You may cover your hair with just a few drops of argan oil. In the morning wash your hair normally. This will rejuvenate it.
  • Treatments – at the end of summer it is worthwhile to use hairdresser care services. You can strengthen your hair through the use of masks, massages and new colorization. At home you can also treat it to a spa.
Sun hair summer

Sun hair summer


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