Proper hair cutting

December 29,
Hair cutting

Cutting hair is a very important subject. Properly cut hairdo will arrange and match your style ideally. Cutting is also a way to have fluffy hair and a solution to various problems with your hairdo.

1. Cut your hair on a regular basis, every 6-8 weeks; this method prevents hair from branching.

2. When you want to change your hairdo, take into consideration your hair’s structure and the shape of your face.

  • for a round face layered hair with ragged ends is suitable. Avoid thick curls.
  • for a rectangular face a longer, graduated hairdo is good. Avoid a straight fringe.
  • for an oblong, narrow face, a suitable hairdo is one with full sides, such as bob cut or page.
  • for an oval face almost any hairdo is cutting (2)

3. The shape of your head, the length of your neck and shoulders’ breadth are also of importance when choosing a hairdo. For example, a short boyish haircut for a person with a small head, broad shoulders and a long neck will seem disproportionate.

4. When your hair is flopped on top, a good method is to cut short the bottom side. Then it will lift the top side and give some fluffiness to the hairdo.

5. If you find a cool hairdo in a magazine, let’s bring it to the hairdresser’s. You may find describing the hairdo of your dreams difficult. What is more, to a hairdresser words like „shredded” or „layered” may mean something totally different than they do to you.

6. For branching hair ends there is a method of twisting the strand around its axis and cutting the protruding ends.

hair cutting

Hair cutting



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