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Red hair

April 16,
Red hair dyeing

According to latest statistical research conducted by various hairdresser associations,  women most often dye their hair red or ginger. Many of us desire red strands, and this means we are not afraid of definite colors on our heads.

This color doesn’t suit any woman, though. It is sharp, expressive, thus strongly emphasizing our features. So it will not harmonize with fair eyebrows and lashes. But with fair complexion and dark eye outlines red hair creates one beautiful unity. Red hair color will accentuate eyes that are ideally green – this is the best connection. With blue eyes it will harmonize as well. As for dark brown eyes, it is better to choose the darker shade of burgundy.

If you decide on fiery red hair, you must remember that you will become more visible, more distinguishable. This is a color for active and bold women.

Red is a demanding color, however. Hair must be nourished well and cared of to preserve the intense shade as long as possible. Unfortunately red and ginger color are most quickly rinsed from hair and the hairdo loses its shine. So the basic thing is to use a shampoo and a conditioner intended for color protection. In summer we use preparations with UV filters. In order to maintain the color, after each washing until final rinsing cold water is used. It will close hair’s scales. It will be shining and the color will be preserved for longer. To acidify the color it is good to rinse hair with vinegar.

Between consecutive colorings color shampoos with red shade can be used to give hair some fresh shine. There are also special toners – hair coloring masks. They are used with every second washing. They give really great effects. Available in basic colors: black, honey blonde, brown, ginger and of course, red. I recommend those by Vitalitys Espresso.

Hair length with this color is not of great importance. It looks well on long as well as on short hair.

Below you can find a gallery of examples. More in our base gallery next to it.


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