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Scandinavian blond

April 16,

Scandinavian blond – white hair. This shade is cold blond, its brightest tone verging into white or even gray. Because of its distinctness it suits short and asymmetric hairstyles, as well as long hair.  Cool shade of blond emphasizes the shape of the hairdo, creating a strong accent on your head. If we want to be distinct, this is a suitable color.

How to obtain such cold shade of blond? Only through bleaching. It best done at a hairdressing salon that uses proven cosmetics. If we want to acquire Scandinavian blond on our own at home, let’s invest in some good hair bleaching cream. The cheaper ones may burn our hair. So hairdresser warehouse is worth visiting to buy a professional brightener. It will guarantee that your hair doesn’t get damaged. It is more expensive that the one at the drugstore, but it is worth its price. Because dried up blond hair looks terrible and it is suitable only to be cut.

It depends a lot on our hair to obtain such bright blond. Sometimes just one bleaching is enough (with a stronger agent) to give your hair white shade. There is also type of hair that will always brighten into yellow. If that’s the case additional application of a dye or toners. Scandinavian blond dyes will soften the yellow color and give the hair cool shine. This can be e.g. dove color, that is silver gray. Toners for bleached hair also cool down the shade: from silver, through gray, violet to pearl. Most likely they can be bought at hairdresser warehouses. Important: such toners often work as a mask, because they contain some nourishing ingredients.

Violet shampoos are also popular and useful, which give cool color to our blond hair. You should be careful, though, and not wash your hair with them each time. Otherwise you will get the effect of gray hair.  Also rinses in small flasks will help you obtain the Scandinavian blond. Their advantage is that with them each time you can doze different intensity of silver shade. It is enough just to add a few drops to the final rinsing.

Care is very important. To preserve such hair in good condition it must be taken care of adequately. No mercy here. If we indulge ourselves for a longer period of time, our hair will look like dry hay. And this is the worst scenario.

We start with a shampoo and a conditioner – we select those indented for hair that is damaged, bleached and that require regeneration. There is a wide range of them at the stores, this shouldn’t be a problem. But it is not enough. Once or twice a week we prepare a mask – compress for our hair. Here you have some freedom – let’s choose a mask at a store or a warehouse, which is intended for deep hair regeneration. It must possess moisturizing and rebuilding properties. Apply it on washed, slightly wet hair. Wrap your hair with stretch foil and put a woolen cap on. Wear it for an hour. Hair after that will be soft, strongly nourished and shiny.

A trick: add a couple of drops of argan oil or jojoba oil to any mask you use. It will perfectly moisturize and gloss your hair.

After each washing, before hot styling, let’s rub a little bit of liquid silk or argan oil into your hair. Apart from glossing it will also protect your hair against hot air of a hairdryer or curler.Scandinavian- blond (14)

Styling. Let’s choose styling products for delicate hair. Moisturizing foams are welcome, e.g. Miracle Mousse from Artego.  A bit of gel or styling paste and wax for finishing up. Not too much of any of those, because strongly bleached hair is delicate and thin – it can be easily weighed down and then it will lose its downiness. Hairspray – glossy.

Scandinavian blond looks best on short and medium hair. Then it can be easily kept in good condition. Trim your hair regularly to get rid of overdried hair ends.

Author Joanna

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