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What strengthens hair from the inside - Hairstyles mag

What strengthens hair from the inside

December 29,
  • ZINC– lack of zinc means brittle and dull hair; zinc stimulates cell metabolism, thanks to which hair grows faster; oatmeal, peas, nuts, shrimps;
  • VITAMIN B2 – accelerates hair growth; eggs, cheese, milk, fish, green leaf vegetables.
  • VITAMIN B6 – regulates production of sebum, protects against dandruff, makes hair glossy; bananas, pork, rice, wheat germs, dry yeast;
  • VITAMIN E – protects against premature hair graying, makes hair glossy; red pepper, leaf vegetables, eggs, soybean, sunflower oil;
  • VITAMIN A – supports hair growth, prevents from dandruff formation; cod-liver oil, liver, butter, carrots, tomatoes, green cabbage;
  • VITAMIN H – strengthens hair and makes it glossy; champignons, yolk, yeast, wheat, milk;
  • PANTOTHENOIC ACID – lubricates hair, speeds up its growth, takes care of hair’s color and glare; broccoli, cauliflower, peas, liver, yeast, nuts, fish;
  • COPPER – delays graying, protects against dandruff; nuts, liver, pasta, cauliflower, bananas, milk;
  • SILICON strengthens hair’s structure, prevents hair loss; strawberries, millet, wholemeal bread, nettle, and horse-tail;
  • PROTEINS – these are the building material of all cells, they strengthen and accelerate hair growth, hair grows healthy and strong; milk, eggs, cheese, fish, poultry, beans, nuts;
  • IRON – strengthens and thickens hair, improves color of natural red hair; apricot, fresh raspberry juice, crustaceans, oatmeal, beef;
  • AMINOACIDS –influence growth of healthy, thick hair; fruit, fish, dairy products, vegetables.
  • food for hair

    food for hair


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