What strengthens hair from the outside

December 29,
  • WHEAT PROTEINS – protect the hair surface covering it with a thin protection layer, facilitate brushing hair out.
  • VITAMIN E – protects hair against UV rays, dry air and environment pollution.
  • SILICON – fills losses, improves the structure, makes hair glossy and smooth.
  • PROTEINS – make hair resilient, protect it against harmful influence of the environment.
  • PANTENOL – reaches the hair’s interior and gives it glare and moisture.
  • SEA ALGAE – regulate functioning of sebaceous glands, improve the scalp’s blood flow.
  • CREATINE – smoothes well damaged spots, encases hair with protective sheath, gives hair glare and resilience.
  • OAT PROTEINS improve hair’s moisture, protect against UV/UVB radiation, facilitate brushing out and give resilience.
  • GREEN TEA –  eliminates free radicals, protects scalp against bacteria.
  • CERAMIDES penetrate the weakened spots in the hair’s structure, fill the losses, create a flexible protective layer on hair.
  • FRUIT EXTRACTS – add gloss to hair and improve its resistance.
  • GINGKO – improves blood flow of the scalp, stimulates cell development, protects against hair loss
  • GINSENG – cleans the scalp, strengthens hair
  • CALCIUM – smoothes rough surface of a hair, strengthens the roots and makes hair flexible.
  • AVOCADO OIL – smoothes hair’s scales, hair becomes soft and glossy.
  • ALOE VERA – strengthens greasy hair, moisturizes damaged hair.

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