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Cosmetic devices that are worth to have in the hair salon.


When starting a business such as hair salon, one  should consider how to attract customers. That’s why it is worth investing in equipment that will allow us to perform various cosmetic procedures. Thanks to this,  salon’s offer  will be richer and thus more interesting for potential customers. Consider, therefore, what services, in addition to improve your hair, would you like to order during a visit to the hairdresser?

Skin rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of the skin has been  popular in our market for many years. Most of them, however, are related  to  visit to the center of aesthetic medicine and surgery as interference in our body is needed. However, there are devices that allow to improve appearance of  skin, so it looks up to 10 years younger ,in a non-invasive way. They use radio waves or ultrasound – the first type of waves produces thermal effect, which increases the temperature inside the skin, resulting in a better work of collagen cells, responsible for firmness of our body. While ultrasounds stimulate blood circulation, which directly has an impact on flexibility and appearance of our skin. Both treatments are very effective, so the devices to perform them are an indispensable part of equipment in your salon.

Skin cleansing

Peeling by women is well known and well-liked. This procedure is often performed at home in front of a mirror, so skin looks fresh and has no unaesthetic pimples. However, to ensure that skin is thoroughly cleaned, one should  use  cavitation peeling. With a device performing this procedure you will increase the popularity of your hair salon. It helps in effective treatment of acne, cleansing and brightening the skin and to completely get rid of dead skin including parts that ordinary peeling is not able to give the desired effects. In addition, this procedure is completely safe and painless and can be used on any skin type. Moreover , peeling equipment is not expensive, but it will bring you impressive profits.

Pedicure, manicure –  beautiful hands and feet

To perform cosmetic nail treatments one needs the functional milling machine to  easily shape the plate of a nail and be able to prepare it well to set up tips. Currently, these devices are available in many variants – therefore what should we pay our attention to when buying this equipment? Certainly in the hair salon , where we have many customers, we should choose a milling machine which works with relatively low noise, so it doesn’t disturb the customers and make them feel comfortable. We should also check whether it can be handled with left hand – some models are shaped for right-handed, so left-handers have difficulty handling the device. It’s  also worth to have the equipment, in which we can adjust the speed and direction of rotation of the cutter, making it easier to perform the beauty tratment.

Ear piercing – fast and safe

Piercing instrument will delight every mother who comes for a hair cut with her bored daughter. This procedure takes just a few minutes, is completely safe and painless, but the customer enjoys the effects for a lifetime. In addition, some devices are equipped with two guns, so you can pierce both ears at the same time, which will be a strong asset in the eyes of a child.

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