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Curls and waves


Here is some useful information about curls and waves on our heads.
Taking care of curly or after-perm hair is difficult, so it requires special shampoos and conditioners intended for curly hair.

Thanks to this you will not have the so-called „hay effect”.
Curly hair often seems dull, and this is because it does not reflect light. Use hair shine sprays then, which give gloss to your hair.
To make hair more elastic and fluffy you can curl it in the direction opposite to its natural growth direction.
Curls’ twist will be more persistent if you use care and styling cosmetics intended for curly hair.
Curls and waves should be brushed gently. If you pull them – they will lose their elasticity.
Soft waves can be obtained by separating single strands from the rest of your hair, winding them from the base, but leaving the ends straight.
Waves and curls arranged on hot rollers or curlers must cool down first – then they will preserve their twist.
When your hair grows and the perm remains on the ends only, you may do the permanent wave at the hair base.
While winding the hair on rollers you should remember to stretch the hair well. And be careful about the ends, which, badly wound under, will be crumpled after taking the roller away.
Small rollers – curls twisted strongly, thick rollers – waves.

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