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Hair graying and daily stress – how to deal with both at once?


No one needs to be explained that living under chronic stress negatively affects health. Everyone talks about it. However, no one mentions that extreme stress also causes graying hair. So let’s see what you can do to minimize stress and the risk of premature graying to a minimum.

Stress and graying – the No. 1 enemy in the fight against graying hair

Scientists have long known that prolonged stress negatively affects all aspects of life. High levels of cortisol can cause digestive problems, weight gain, weakened immune systems, heart problems, as well as baldness and neurosis. However, it turns out that chronic stress also accelerates graying of hair. Unfortunately, the fact that it’s probably the biggest enemy of anyone who doesn’t want to go prematurely gray is not being talked about out loud.

Stress is a factor in many disorders of the body. Its occurrence cannot be prevented – everyone experiences this condition during life. Everyone reacts individually to the emerging tension – some lose their appetite and have stomach problems, others experience accelerated heartbeat and sleep problems. Stress is also a source of graying hair.
Hair graying and stress – is there a connection?

Marie Antoinette Syndrome, or the story of hair graying from stress

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying at some point that it’s possible to go grey from fear. But did you know that from stress as well? That’s what the famous case of Marie Antoinette is all about, which has even become known as the syndrome. And although at first it was just an urban legend and historical curiosity, it turns out that there is a lot of truth in it.

The case was taken up by researchers at Harvard University. In a research paper titled “Hyperactivation of sympathetic nerves depletes melanocyte stem cells,” the researchers analyzed the processes that occur in hair follicles during stressful situations.

The researchers came to a clear conclusion. Extreme stress causes the stem cells, which produce melanin, to stop working properly. Each hair cell irreversibly loses its pigment, resulting in hair turning completely gray. So you can see the importance of peace of mind when it comes to hair health as well.

Less stress means less risk of gray hair

For many people, stress can be a factor that drives them to work more efficiently and quickly. And short-term stress is not a bad thing. The problem arises when you feel it constantly, and that translates into your quality of life. If you’re worried about the condition of your hair, also consider taking care to relax and unwind. There’s a great chance you’ll keep your hair looking natural without a shadow of gray.

Natural ways to deal with stress

You already know that chronic stress does great damage to your body. How can you bring more peace and harmony into your life? The most effective natural ways are:

eating balanced meals – it all starts with your diet, so take a look at your habits. Do you consume a lot of coffee, or do you smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol regularly? Try at all costs to reduce the amount of these substances in your ogranism to a minimum. Consume unprocessed products, full of healthy fats, vitamins and micronutrients. This will make your body better able to cope with critical situations.
Regular physical activity – exercise is the best free way to reduce tension and stabilize your mood. According to many scientists, strength exercises also help with panic attacks and even depressive states. On the other hand, regular practice of yoga and conscious breathing effectively and quickly reduces perceived stress.
supplementation with adaptogens – these all-natural preparations are one of the best, safest and most popular supplements for stress. They are usually extracts from plants, herbs and fungi that show amazing effects on the human nervous system and brain. They help increase tolerance to stress, exertion and fatigue. They reduce oxidative stress. They allow you to relax, and some also show anti-cancer effects.

How to fight gray hair?

Are you finding it difficult to combat stress in your life, but still want to get rid of gray hair? You will get the best results if you combine the fight against stress and the treatment against gray hair. Of course, you can also start with smaller steps and bet on methods to level the gray hair itself. What can we recommend?

Balanced, unprocessed meals – when treating gray hair, providing essential vitamins also starts with your diet. Make sure you eat natural foods raw or cooked, but never processed. Look for products with unsaturated acids, full of B vitamins, zinc, iron, copper and vitamins A, E and D.
Additional supplementation – sometimes it’s hard to keep your diet in check, so you can also reach for pills. In this case, again reach for B vitamins (especially biotin and vitamin B12), folic acid, melanin, PABA acid and minerals such as zinc, copper and iron.
Natural rinses – the Internet is rife with recipes for natural rinses for gray hair. As a rule, they are made from products that everyone has at home, so you save time and money. They do not give a permanent effect, but can help at the first signs of gray hair.
Desaturants and color preparations – a way to regain even hair color when you need an immediate effect. Remember, however, that this is a way of masking the symptoms, not treating the real causes.


You mostly hear about the negative effects of stress in the context of mental and physical health. As you can see, it also affects the condition and color of your hair. It may turn out to be a silent pigment killer in your case, causing gray hair to appear even at a young age. Consider whether your lifestyle is too stressful, because perhaps you can protect yourself from gray hair in a simple way, which is to restore balance on a daily basis.


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