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How often can you change the colour of hair?


The question asked by those girls who like to experiment, often try different styles and are not afraid of change. Exactly how often  can you  dye your hair? Probably most hairdressers would say that  once every six months. Once a month you can dye only roots, and to refresh the colour one should use delicate toners without ammonia. And how does it look from the customers point of view?

We talked to several ladies, looked for personal stories on the Internet and we found that the frequency of changes in hair colour depends on their condition and genetic factors. One thing is certain – no more often than once every six weeks. One girl passionately refreshed the colour playing with different shades of red. Within half a year dyed her hair 10 times that is  almost twice a month. This adventure had sad ending : damaged and burnt hair which doubled  volume lost, and the weakened hair roots began to fall out in handfuls.

Another example: a woman dyes her hair once a month regularly for years. First, applies the dye to the roots, and for the last 15 minutes puts the product through the length of the hair to refresh the colour. Between the coloring treatments  she uses nourishing mask and is satisfied with the condition of her hair. The fact  is that her hair is nice, not damaged.

We read about cases when coloring once every two months, after a year demaged the hair so much that had to be cut down very short. Some girls are used to coloration only without ammonia  – once a month – and can be proud  of shiny, healthy hair. Another example is Magda, who loves to experiment with hair and every month has a totally different colour ,which is in good condition, thick and not dried as it may seem after so frequent use of chemistry.

So here are several important conclusions. First of all – every woman has different type of hair. Some women have weak and thin hair since their childhood. Some have thick and stiff hair, while others strutting and curly . There is a group of ladies for whom coloring treatments are harmful, and a group of women who can dye their hair whenever they want. Hair dye might look perfect on friend’s hair while the same shade on our hair would come out too dark and quickly washed off. Genes are the ones which decide what kind of hair we have and it must be taken into account while choosing the frequency of dyeing treatment.

Secondly – the condition of the hair. When we care about our hair, we provide them with adequate moisture and lubrication , deliver the right amount of nutrients, then we can certainly experiment with colour. Porous , bad hair with problems  do not react properly to hair dye. In this case, you need to reduce the numer of coloration and use gentler products without ammonia.

Thirdly – coloring products to choose. Dyeing your hair with henna, toners, coloring shampoos, foams or dyes without ammonia can be done more often, without stress. All these products do not interfere with the hair shaft and do not damage it. Moreover ,after their application, the colour  doesn’t last long,  so you have to repeat the procedurę quickly. Coloring with classic dye with ammonia so those that penetrate the cuticle, we should limit to  maximum once a month and once every 6 to 7 weeks would be even better.

Important information – we need to observe our hair, when we see greater damage than normally it’s a sign to reduce the coloring treatments. Let’s try a variety of specifics, and choose  the one which works for our hair best. If you do not have enough courage – any hair color change should be done at the hairdressers. Remember that the coloring means also obligatory extra treatment. And think of the colouring reasonably  – do not choose the cheapest dyes, read reviews about the product and above all, choose well the shade of the dye so it matches to your own type of beauty.


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