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How to choose hair color to your beauty?


Coloring is a great opportunity for makeover and refreshed appearance. A properly selected shade of hair can visually rejuvenate the face, add shine and emphasize its strengths, eg. color of eyes. However during colouring your hair there wait many pitfalls. Color that perfectly matches someone else, in our case, can give a completely opposite effect. When choosing a shade of hair dye , take into account very important factors, eg. complexion type or age. If you want to change your hair style and wonder what hair color to choose, use the tips that will protect you from spoiling your image.

Hair color and complexion

Warm skin in orange and yellow shades, especially if accompanied by dark eyebrows and brown eyes, perfectly fits to honey blond, dark or caramel brown and reddish hair color.

Very light complexion has  usually cool pink shade, that is why it matches well with platinum blond hair, sand or beige shade. Ladies with this type of skinare  also recommended to use hair dye colors such as cool walnut and cocoa, as well as  reddish and black with a touch of purple.

Hair color and age

When natural hair color is replaced by gray hair, for many of us colorization becomes a necessity. Ladies with visible, deep wrinkles should avoid very bright hair dye such as platinum blonde or black. These shades effectively enhance skin imperfections, and our hair instead of charm would  only add us years. Avoid contrasting, bold colors. If your dream is to have bright hair, rely on ash blond. Other “safe” shades that do not emphasize wrinkles and signs of time are dark blond and warm shades of brown.

Hair color and their type

When we talk about dying hair, we often overlook an important issue, which is the type of hair and their condition. Depending on the thickness of the fibers,  different shades of colors will match the hair. Thin hair match better with bright shades, for example with blondes or browns. Thick, strong hair can have intense color – dark brown or black. If our hair is demaged at great level, it is advised not to brighten it.

Hair color and eye color

When matching hair color to the color of our iris, let’s take into account the tone of our skin. Blue eyes and fair skin look good with  cool brown color and platinum blonde. Red hair can emphasize blue iris, but can also expose redness, cell and imperfections, so this kind of hair dyes are recommended for ladies with flawless complexion. For blue-eyed women with swarthy complexion appropriate are dark browns and reddish hair with a red glow to accent the color of the iris.

Green eyes and red or brown hair is  a very successful combination. We must remember that fair skin goes well with cool colors and swarthy complexion – with warmer.

Brown eyes beautifully combine with hair of the same color. However when choosing the right shade of hair dye, we should make sure that  it’s not identical with the color of our iris.  We should definitely resign from bright blondes to those of dark or medium shade.  Red color, as well as brown, can be a good underscore for brown eyes.

Get help from professionals

Choosing the right hair color often requires a compromise between our personal expectations and the base given by „mother nature”. The very important issue is not only the basic color of our hair and it’s condition, but also the type of beauty that we represent. If you are to make a decision related to hairstyles change,you should ask for professional help. The website of L’Oreal Paris offers a special test that will give you valuable tips to help you choose the right hair color. An experienced colorist will show you the right type of hair dye that would  perfectly match with your type of beauty.

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