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How to perform a daily hair care for sensitive scalps?


Hair washing, combing and nutrition are very important points in your daily hair care. Proper performance of nursing activities and the selection of appropriate cosmetics are the  key in maintaining a healthy, shiny and full of volume hair. But what to do when the skin of our head is prone to irritation and allergies? What cosmetic should we use to reduce allergic symptoms, and at the same time take care of our hair properly ? We advise how to make the right choice while shopping and how to deal with sensitive scalp.

Itchy Scalp – where do irritation on the scalp come from?

People who have to deal with frequent irritation, and so with an itchy scalp, they know how annoying this problem can be . This is not just a matter of aesthetics, because frequent scratching your  head is not “elegant”, but also a health problem, as the itchy head is usually associated with the occurrence of skin inflammation, which can also bring some kind of pain. This situation might be caused by a number of different factors. Irritation of the head is very often the result of hypersensitivity to strong external stimuli, eg.  sun, dry air or air conditioning, our genetics, allergies to selected cosmetic ingredients, eg. hair dyes and shampoos, as well as food products.

Itching of the scalp – hypoallergenic care

People who are struggling with irritated, sensitive and itchy scalp should definitely put aside the hair cosmetics they’ve  used so far, especially if the product’s composition is full of artificial colorings and preservatives. In this case formula of any care or washing hair products must be hypoallergenic. Not only without the chemical composition but also the alcohol, which is largely responsible for a variety of skin irritation and allergic reactions on the skin. The brand which is an an expert in the production of safe and hypoallergenic hair care is Vichy. Its line Dercos includes soothing shampoo for frequent use , which composition was dermatologically tested and based on the soothing thermal water .

Washing and hair care for sensitive scalps

People with sensitive scalp should remember to treat it carefully with each step related to the wash or hair care. Intense “scrubbing”should be avoided when cleaning the hair , you should  focus on gentle head massage with your fingertips. After using medicinal shampoo and hair conditioner it is good not to weigh down the hair by styling products such as hair spray, foam or any other products of this kind because they can only irritate the scalp . However, if you do not want to give up all the cosmetics you’re  used to, remember to apply them only on the hair tips, not from the roots. This way  we have proper hair care and at the same time avoid allergic reactions on the scalp.

Itching of the skin – seborrheic dermatitis?

When we face irritation and itching of the scalp every day, we have to be very vigilant, because this problem can often be a symptom of serious diseases of the scalp, such as seborrheic dermatitis or fungal infections. In this case, the proper care and  protection against harmful external factors may be ineffective. Such diseases usually require long-term drug therapy under the supervision of a dermatologist or trychologist. So if we find ourselves at any worrying symptoms or no improvement in the condition of the scalp after using home-care, it’s worth  going with this problem to the doctor, to avoid far-reaching consequences of these diseases eg. excessive hair loss or even baldness.

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