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How to sleep, so as not to damage my hair?

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In the morning you were at the hairdresser’s or styled your hair by yourself. You have impeccable hair style, you are satisfied with yourself and hope to have this state of hair the next day. Night is coming – time to lay your head on the pillow for a few hours. Will the hairstyle survive until the morning? Will you be still satisfied with the way your hair looks in the mirror when you wake up , or will you rather go to hell, because there is no sign of yesterday’s great hair style?

The way your hair looks after a night depends on several factors. They affect „survival” of hairstyles in the morning or destroy them.

First of all : the type of hairstyle. The type of hairstyle has a great impact in this case. Eg. A high bun after night will never  look as impeccable as before bedtime. Moreover the question is  whether we should  sleep with the bun or not. It may simply be uncomfortable. Hair arranged in waves, curls or simply pulled on a thick brush to be fluffy, have a chance to survive the night at 90%.

Secondly, the number of products used for styling. Usually a fairly large amount of foam and hair spray , which stiffen the hair, make hair style survive the night. In the morning we might need a small patch, as smoothing or covering  “holes”, which were created by lying down most of the time on one side.

Thirdly, the type of hair. This factor is very important. Each of us has different hair. One might have more vulnerable, thick or  stiff hair and  other thin, oily or frizzy. Girls with stiff hair and short hair cut will always have spoiled hair style that needs to be fixed.

Fourthly: the way  we sleep. These women, who often turn from one side of the bed to another , change positions and turn their  heads on the pillow, have no chance, that their hair, after waking up, will be in similar shape as the day before.

Fifth : type of pillows. Big and fluffy pillow, in which our head „falls into”, will destroy carefully prepared hair style for sure. The safest pillow would be the one which is not too high, recommended are the ones which are profiled.

Sixth: problems with sweating. If we have a tendency to sweat at night, most likely  we will have to wash hair every day. No haircut, even with great amount of hair spray, would survive wet, sweaty head.

And seventh: love affections . When you are preparing for a sexy date or passionate night with your partner, do not expect to have perfect hair style the next morning !

So how should we sleep so as not to spoil the hair? Here are some tips:

  • If you want to save modeled hair, try to sleep with great care.
  • Do not change the position of the head on the pillow too often.
  • Sleep on a shaft that supports the neck to avoid kneading.
  • The safest way to keep your hair style is to sleep with ones head on the side: you won’t get your hair „smashed” on the back.
  • Use styling products that will keep your hair right.
  • If you have problems with sweating, select latex pillow with high ventilation.
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