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Male hair styling – easier than you think


Modern man is not only willing to pay regular visits to  the hairdresser and decides on avant-garde hairstyles, but also confidently uses daily styling. Finally, hair styling for men is no longer regarded to be a sign of effeminacy, and has become a routine method for a daily care of their appearance. But what if the man is balding? What if he would like to choose the right styling for himself, but has no idea what products to use? Read all about this – below.

Good habits, bad habits

Not long ago, morning  men’s hygiene was limited to washing and drying hair. It took fifteen to twenty minutes. Today the same amount of time the average man can spend in front of a mirror, dedicating attention only to his hair. Modern men have access to almost unlimited range of products for hair care and styling. It’s their decision what kind of hairstyle they choose – whether they are neatly trimmed, or present the idea of ​​controlled disorder, it is best to have  clean, soft and shiny hair. Because men’s hair is usually quite stiff ,in their case, the  basis of hair care is good, moisturizing shampoo, which will make hair more flexible . For the purpose of lifting up or breaking  up longer hair, it would be perfect to use extra hold styling pastes, gels or gums. We put a small amount of product with our fingertips to wet hair and dry it. Hair will gain structure and be more flexible. If you have  hair style with long fringes, which you would like to lift up – try to tease the base and use strong hair spray.


Hairstyling for men: tools

Besides the well-known and frequently used dryer and comb, it’s time for innovation in men’s styling – hair brush. It’s good to invest in a natural bristles brush, or the one  for massage – with rubber or wood shoots. Speaking about hair,we must not forget about  unwanted  ones, sometimes here and there growing on his face or  “wild” eyebrows. It’s advised to get rid of them with the help of regularly disinfected tweezers. If you don’t want to do it yourself,  you can always pay visit to professional beautician. You must act with the same cruelness with hair in the area of nose and ears: special trimmers or scissors with rounded ends will help you with that. They cut the hair, but do not remove them completely. But when speaking about beards, however, the opinions are divided – though the appearance of a woodcutter is still in fashion , “wild” bushy beards are not sexy at all. They should be cutted when  needed, as well as sideburns and washed thoroughly (at least every other day).

When hair falls out

More and more young men complain that they can’t deal with premature baldness. Of course you can try cheap methods and buy a conditioner and serum for hair growth, but measurable effects can be long in coming, and they are not one hundred percent guaranteed. More expensive, but far more effective method of treatment is hair transplant. In this case, you can already expect visible results – unfortunately, few can afford it. Of course you can always  choose a super short haircut or a radical solution to the problem of baldness and cut hair to zero. Some women believe that bald men are sexy, just look at how many fans Bruce Willis and Jason Statham have!

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