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Shampoo and hair type – which to choose?


The choice of shampoo is not a simple task. Cosmetic market offers a wide range of products for hair care. Suitable shampoo should most of all  respond to the needs of your hair. Smell, appearance, preference for a particular brand are secondary issues. High price also does not always go hand in hand with the quality of the product. How to choose a shampoo, which meets all the requirements of your hair? This is our proposition !

What is hidden in a shampoo?

First of all substances which are supposed to wash hair with  particles of dust, sweat, and the remains of cosmetics for styling such as masks, foams or conditioners. Also, shampoos are rich in beauty oils, known for its regenerative properties and dynamically used in cosmetology. Another component are substances such as glycerin, lanolin, proteins that deeply nourish the hair fiber. Shampoos usually contain preservatives, which significantly extend their life. Then there are vitamins and antioxidants. Natural products must be free of silicones and parabens. Hypoallergenic, vegegative, organic herbal compresses are very gentle on the skin, while maintaining high power operation.

Lifeless and limb hair.

If you recently coloured your hair and the colour reminds dismal mat, reach for the shampoo Elseve Color Vive from L’Oreal Paris. Its complex formula brings deep nourishing to the hair. UVA and UVB filters protect against harmful external factors. Sea or chlorinated water and wind weakens the hair fiber, which becomes rough and brittle. Protection against dryness and  thorough regeneration are determinants of Elseve Color. How to apply? Gently massage the shampoo into the scalp with circular motions. You do not have to cover the entire length of hair. Just let the shampoo drain after them. Silky softness, color depth, easy to comb hair – guaranteed!

If your hair is dry, select the preparations deeply moisturizing. Formula rich in nourishing oils can make your hair silky soft, flexible and nourished over it’s whole length. Specifics such as shea butter or restorative macademia nut complex  give hair intensive nourishing and regeneration of split ends. Moisturizing products make the hair smooth, without  greasy layer on them. Thanks to the keratin even the most strutting hair become disciplined. Shampoos for dry and damaged hair often contain extracts that act as nutrient ampoules and  stimulate  hair to stronger growth.

Oily hair

Greasy hair need specific, which  reduces the secretion of sebum. Citrus complexes, green tea extracts are well known sources of vitality that restore hair freshness. Multi Vitamine Fresh Elseve offered by L’Oreal Paris is the shampoo that will provide glow to the the hair.  Silicon – free formula gives a protective coating to the fibers, which prevents from settling of the contaminants. Purifying properties are accompanied by exotic, citrus, full of freshness fragrance. Innovative nutrients, including multi-vitamin E, PP and B5 will restore your hair, leaving them healthy looking  and velvety touch.

Flat hair, lacking the volume

If your hair is thin and delicate comprehensive reconstruction would be useful . Choose a shampoo that will rebuild the hair fibers. Special ceramides fill gaps and strengthen the scales restoring its former smoothness. The ingredients lift the hair ,surround them by nutritional layer making the hair thicker. They  also provide a lift to the base, creating the effect of “push up”.

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