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Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole

Call it the Cheryl effect, but not since the 80s have we been so excited about big hair. Things have changed a little since the decade of aerosol and shoulder pads though; volume today is touchable effortless and seriously sexy. No Maggie Thatcher bouffants here thank you very much!

make it work for you if your hair is…

… long

If your hair is all one length. getting some longer layers chopped in will lighten up your ‘do and enable you to style hair tor volume more easily .A good body-building mousse will help you get movementt and lift all the way through.


Alexa Chung , clever use of color
Alexa Chung , clever use of color

Alexa Chung’s choppy bob is a perfect example of how to do volumised mid-length without veering into helmet head territory. Use a texture spray salt lotion to add separation and lift with a cool, modem, twist.


Its easy to gel lift into short hair too! Smooth a lifting mousse throughout your style than blast with your hairdryer, using a diffuser attachment to direct the  airflow. Ruffle through with your fingers to keep movement in the style.


Dress out your hair for a powerful `fro with oodles of Nolume. Pile on texture powder and ruffle through with your fingers.  There’s no point in being discrete with this look, big hair is better hair alter all!

Katy PerryKaty Perry - Curls add volume too !
Katy Perry – Curls add volume too !


Make sure you look out for volume products designed to care for curls. We don’t want a poodle perm look! For an on-trend boho look don’t worry, too much about defining curls individually; a fluffy, volumised look is way sexier


If your straight locks look limp and won’t hold a style, speak to your colourist about using colour techniques to add the illusion of volume. You’ll be amazed at the difference a few artful highlights can make to previously limp-looking hair!


time on your side……. if you got….


Roll up

Velcro rollers will add instant lift to even the flattest hair. Choose a variety off sizes and look out for self-grip styles which will stay in place while you get on with something else. Roll on around the crown and spritz with hairspray then leave as long as you can for added oomph in an instant!

Keep a travel dryer in your desk at work so you can set the rollers with heat. Look out for one with a cool shot to blast hair with to finish.


Backcombed beauty

To backcomb hair effectively, you’ll need a good tailcomb and sectioning clips. Divide hair into manageable portions and softly brush backwards, pushing hair against itself. Stay away from the very roots unless you want a rock chick look as the brushing will be visible. Finish each brushed section with a mist of hairspray for a big, lasting finish.

Kylie Minogue - Soft movement
Kylie Minogue – Soft movement

Invest in a deep cleansing or detox shampoo to scrub all the product out of your hair without stripping it of its natural oils anti goodness.


1Bespoke blow-dry

If there’s one reason why celebs always have such impossibly, big, bouncy hair, it’s expert blow-dries. Ask your hairdresser for a lesson to teach you how to perform a volume-injecting blow- dry on yourself, including advice on which products to use and which tools to invest in.

Unless your hair is extremely fine, sectioning clips are a must-have for achieving a good blow-dry. Working on small sections might be time consuming but it makes for a better finish!


plusLook out for volumisng shampoos and conditioners. Combined with styling products from the  same range, they’ll make a real difference.

plusPlay around with the position and height of a quiff to find a look that`s flattering for your face shape. It’s an easy way to add instant lift and liven up a plain pony!

plusTry backcombing with a soft brush instead of a tail comb to add gentle volume rather than a Russell Brand birdnest!

minusGet carried away with products. With most mousses, hairsprays and root lifters, a little goes a long way. Remember it’s easy to add than it is totake away and you won’t see the full results of your product until hair is totally dry.

minusGo for all-over volume, we don’t want to end up with a helmet head! If you’re doing a voluminous updo, keep the height on top and keep tlie sides of your head flat and snooth.

minusPanic if your hair is fine or lifeless. Invest in some dip-in extensions to add an instant boost of volume either all over or in just the spots where you need some lift.

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