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How often can you change the colour of hair?

The question asked by those girls who like to experiment, often try different styles and are not afraid of change. Exactly how often  can...

Gray hair

Often „gray” is associated with „old”. But this doesn’t have to be so when it comes to hair. Nonetheless, most women don’t like their...

Artego Color Gel, silver

My Color Reflex by the Italian company Artego is a gel sustaining color of dyed hair which also gives the silver effect to bleached...

Scandinavian blond

Scandinavian blond – white hair. This shade is cold blond, its brightest tone verging into white or even gray. Because of its distinctness it...

Dyeing – live colorfully

Sunny blonde, fiery redhead, mysterious brown-haired or maybe passionate brunette?  Let your imagination run wild and dye your hair! Stylists think that the color of...

Red hair

According to latest statistical research conducted by various hairdresser associations,  women most often dye their hair red or ginger. Many of us desire red...

Colorization – three degrees of permanence

The offer of the hair coloring agents available at drugstores is beyond grasp. On every package there is information about the degree of permanence,...

14 facts about hair dyeing

75% of women constantly change their hair color. They do it on their own or at a hairdressing salon. So it is worthwhile to...

Colors of nature

You don’t have to use any chemical agents to make our hair shine and delight with its color. Herbal conditioners, balms and rinses will...