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Male hair styling – easier than you think

Modern man is not only willing to pay regular visits to  the hairdresser and decides on avant-garde hairstyles, but also confidently uses daily styling....

How to choose hair color to your beauty?

Coloring is a great opportunity for makeover and refreshed appearance. A properly selected shade of hair can visually rejuvenate the face, add shine and...

How to sleep, so as not to damage my hair?

In the morning you were at the hairdresser’s or styled your hair by yourself. You have impeccable hair style, you are satisfied with yourself...

How do you know a good hairdresser ?

A visit to the hairdresser’s  can be a blissful relaxation, as well as the biggest nightmare. In order to spend pleasant moments in hands of ...

5 hints for ideal hair length

How to match a hairstyle ideal for your face? To make it harmonize with your oval, complexion and lifestyle? Your hair condition is also...

Proper hair cutting

Cutting hair is a very important subject. Properly cut hairdo will arrange and match your style ideally. Cutting is also a way to have...

Hair in the Sun

Summer with its burning sun is the time when you have to take more care of your hair. Then it will be shinier and...