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When you really should use hair mask!


Strong, shiny and healthy hair – if you think this effect can be achieved only by using everyday shampoo and conditioner, then you are sorely mistaken. Our hair, same as complexion or body skin , need every day extra care to help them recover, strengthen and protect from harmful factors. All this effects can be guaranteed by appropriately selected hair mask, which from time to time, as a preventive treatment, should be used by each of us. However, there are some special situations in which the use of  hair mask is actually necessary. We suggest when you really should treat your hair with home spa!

Masks for hair –what way do they differ from conditioners?

Hair masks that we find in almost any drugstore, differ from ordinary conditioners not only by consistency, function or way of healing hair , but above all the composition, which makes it  cope with in-depth nutrition and regeneration of hair much better. In the best hair masks you can find a large amount of highly concentrated ingredients, which will carry out intensive reconstruction of damaged hair. In addition, they contain the specific nutrients that penetrate deep into the hair and effectively protect them from harmful  factors – including wind, frost or hot air from hair dryer, curling irons and hair straightener.

hair-mask-1A good hair mask – which to choose?

On the cosmetic market, we can find different types of hair masks, eg.nutritive, intensively regenerating, deeply restorative and highly moisturizing . Selecting one of them should be dictated by the specific needs of our hair. We must take into account that different hair mask are needed when we are facing hair loss, while another if we want to improve the condition of permanent coloring hair . Very popular among women are hair masks  by Garnier, which quickly and easily are able to improve the condition of damaged, desiccated or thin hair and help with problem of hair loss.

When should I apply the mask to the hair?

Hair mask can be an excellent complement to our daily care, but it’s worth  to use it especially in a few cases.

  • Our hair will be grateful to us for the extra dose of nutrition and recovery after the hair extensions, brightening or keratin lightening.
  • Hair mask is also an excellent way to fight hair loss or their general weakness.
  • Regular use of masks is also the duty of those who struggle with dryness, brittleness or visible damage of hair.
  • Applying a mask to the hair, due to its high efficiency in nutrition, may partly replace the oiling or lamination treatment of hair.
  • Hair Mask is also ideal for those women who choose frequent change of hair styles- it’s the action, that apparently ,has a very large impact on the condition of our hair and increase their tendency to break and fall out.
  • The regular use of hair masks is a must for those who frequently change the colour of the hair – coloring has a very devastating impact.
  • Suitable masks can also help us in strengthening and increasing the volume of fine hair.
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